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Hydraulic Hose


Lightweight hydraulic hose with stainless steel crimped ends and marine brass quick disconnects

Available in the following sizes and lengths:

  3/8 inch (67.71 mm) diameter hose available in 100' (30.48 m) and 150' (45.72 m) lengths
  1/2 inch (12.7 mm) diameter hose available in 100' (30.48 m), 200' (60.96 m), and 300' (91.44 m)

Note: You require (2) of whatever size hose you choose (1) Supply and (1) Return.

The length of hose is usually determined by the length of the vessel.

Mobil EAL 224H (biodegradable food grade oil) available in 5 (18.921 liters) and 55 (208.14 liters) gallon containers. (US Navy & Coast Guard approved.)

Prices and Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.
Current Production Model May Be Different in Appearance.

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