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AS 20 LPD Lister Diesel Engine

Portable Hydraulic Power Pack
Powers the AS-T15 HB, AS-T12 HBPP, AST-P-789, AS 16 HB, AS-3M9-PP, or AS 18 HB

Part # AS-20LPD

  • 22 HP Lister Diesel Engine (air cooled)
  • Manual start/Electric Start
  • 12 GPM (45 liters/minute) @ 2000 PSI (13793 kPa)
  • Engine Spin on oil filter
  • Single Circuit
  • Extended run fuel tank 5 plus hours run time
  • Suction strainer and return line filter and indicator gauge
  • Aluminum 15 Gallon (56.8 liters) hydraulic reservoir
  • Stainless steel, liquid filled, pressure outlet and return gauge
  • Low noise
  • Spin on oil filter
  • Spin on fuel filter
  • Aluminum Roll cage frame plated to marine specifications
  • Hydraulic return line filter gauge
  • Skid mount rubber isolator feet
  • Operator controlled hydraulic variable flow control

Dimensions: 34 " (86.4 cm) L x 40" (101.6 cm) W x 50"H (127 cm) Weight: 475 lbs. (215.9 kg)

Designed to operate one AS-T15 HB or AS-T12 HB Twin Head Unit.

Optional: Double circuit operation to accommodate the use of (2) AS-18 HB, (2) AS 16 HB, or (2) AS-16-3M9 PP units simultaneously. Each circuit equipped with its own pressure compensation valve adapting to varying flow requirements of different underwater cleaning tools.

Caution: Unit shipped with NO Engine Oil or Hydraulic fluid in tank!

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